Norquest AS – Skjærhaugen resort is located in the northernmost county in Norway. It is about 2 hours drive from Tromso,  5 km from the small village Øverbygd: all by it self, at the end of a gravel road, on the quiet shores of the salmon river, Målselv .

Skjærhaugen consists of several buildings, the oldest one dating all the way back to the turn of the previous century. Among them, the “Old house” is the social place for good food, a warm shower and everything else. 

Skjærhaugen resort offer the perfect balance between modern “see through living”, combined with the native raw Norwegian style. Everything wrapped in the beauty of breathtaking scenery, ranging from the frozen landscape and northern lights of winter, to summer and the midnight sun.


Guest house

Our guest house is a century old house built with timber. The new expension of the house contain new kitchen and living room areas. These cozy house with all facilities and aurora just a step away, it will surely be your experience of a life time.

Norwegian Family Meals

Why not Enjoy yourself with Authentic Northern Norwegian Crusine while the northern light and aurora is just out of the window? 

Must be ordered minimum two days ahead.

The Best Experience Ever

"Staying in AuroraTroms and viewing the Arctic Light from the Igloo is my Best Experience Ever"
Travel Enthusiast

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