Summer activities

  • Salmon fishing: Målselva is famous for its salmon, and is one of the best fishing rivers in Norway. Situated along the shore of the river, Skjærhaugen resort is a perfect camp. There are also lots of opportunities for fishing trout, arctic char and grayling.
  • Hiking for all levels! We will recommend trips according to your wish and experience. In the surrounding nature you will find everything from short walks along the river, to the peak of the mountains. They are all very scenic and beautiful. Dividalen is close by and one of Norways national parks. 
  • Dividalen national park is not far from here.
  • Canoes and kayaks on request, both river and lakes are accessible. 
  • And of course, under the Midnight sun you can do all activities all night! From the 22. May to the  22. July, the sun is above the horizon all day and night.
  • Pick your own berries in August. A perfect and beautiful time as the darkness of the night returns combined with beautiful colors. Late August is actually the beginning of Aurora season.

Activities in the area

During your stay with us, we can also recommend day trips to these nearby experiences:

  • Dividalen nasjonalpark is not far from here
  • Hiking – lots of nice daytrips can be done from here: lakes, pot holes, small and more advanced mountains.
  • Polar Park is an arctic wildlife zoo located 84 km away. They guarantee sightings of arctic animals like wolf, lynx, bear, moose and more.
  • Tromsø ice domes is exactly what it sounds like! Wonderful ice sculptures. Put on your warmest clothes and go for cold drinks in the bar. Located a 18 km drive from the resort.
  • The Tamok Valley is known for it’s perfect conditions for free ride skiing. Perfect for those with a higher experience level!

On request we might be able to offer you:

  • Dog sleddding trips operated by local guides. Picked up here, going to a husky farm (25 minutes drive). Learn how to drive your own dog-team with 4-6 energetic huskies. Experience the friendship and cooperation with the dogs and learn to steer them smooth and silently through a beautiful winter wonderland.(2 hours sledding and hot meal) Excluslively the huskies can come to Skjærhaugen resort and take you for an eveningtrip into the forest.
  • Moose safari; During the winter months our dear neighbour, the moose, is often out walking. Let’s go search for him!
Fly fishing
Rural road
Bålstua dogsledding
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