Iglo ved Målselva

Stay warm and cozy beeing outside whilst being inside the igloo

The igloos are made to be luxury hotel rooms with a twin bed, two comfortable armchairs, tables, music, and heating.  They are warm and nice till about minus 20-25 degrees. If it gets colder than that, they are still warm enough to sleep in, but if you feel like it you also have the opportuinty to sleep in the guest house.

You will be sitting in the midst of nature, with a perfect view to everything from wildlife to starry nights,  northern lights to a raging snow storm. And yet, you will be tucked under your duvet in a warm bed, or turning around in your armchair – either in the total silence of nature or listening to your favorite music, maybe enjoying the company of your favorite person in life?

The contrast between the nature and luxury simply has to be experienced. Even the locals are out of words describing the feeling it offers!

In addition the Igloos also provide curtains 360 degrees around

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